Algelo – ice supplemented with seaweeds



The ALGELO project was developed to produce ice supplemented with seaweed extracts with high antioxidant and antimicrobial potential in order to delay lipid peroxidation and inhibit the development of spoiling bacteria in fresh fish and/or fish products allowing an increment in the products shelf life. The Algelo is an antioxidant vehicle for cooling, maintenance and for the nutritional supplementation of food and drinks. The Algelo won the Lotaçor University Prize and has a Portuguese and Spanish patent, and is also a registered brand (patent 104814 & brand 494010).

KEYWORDS  shelf-life; patent; brand; seaweeds; nutraceutic potential
COORDINATOR Rui Pedrosa – | MARE-IPLeiria, Portugal
FUNDING 10.000,00€ |QREN :: MaisCentro :: European Union // Duration 2010-2011