Olive oil enriched with algae: product development and knowledge transference

azeite_p The objective of this work was to develop two different olive oils flavoured with Portuguese endemic herbs and enriched with algae extracts: extra virgin olive oil flavoured with basil, lemon and macroalgae Undaria pinnatifida and extra virgin olive oil flavoured with ginger, dill and macroalgae Chondrus crispus. Extracts of those endemic herbs of Portuguese flora (Western region) were used to obtain a distinctive “flavour” associated with the initial aroma and characteristic of extra virgin olive oil. Macroalgae are rich in polyphenolic compounds which have well documented antioxidant properties. The addition of macroalgae or their extracts to flavoured olive oil as a natural antioxidant will increase the nutritional quality, the oxidative stability and consequently extend the shelf time of this product
KEYWORDS Antioxidants; Flavoured olive oil; Seaweed extract; Undaria pinatífida; Chondrus crispus.
PARTNERS Nono Sentido, Lda., Bombarral (Portugal)
COORDINATOR Maria Manuel Gil –  maria.m.gil@ipleiria.pt | MARE-IPLeiria, Portugal
FUNDING 29 550€ | QREN :: IAPMEI :: European Union // Duration 2011-2012