The objective in producing SEAWEED BREAD was to eliminate the salt content in bread by incorporating seaweed in bread dough, while keeping good organoleptic features for the general consumer. This objective was fully achieved, and therefore it is a product that meets the consumer needs with salt use restrictions. Moreover, at this point it is possible to state (based on laboratory tests performed) that the inclusion of seaweed gave the final product an added nutritional value, namely in terms of fibre and important minerals (brand 542554).

KEYWORDS Bread; Seaweed; Fibers; Minerals; Nutritional profile
PARTNERS Calé – Indústria & Comércio, Lda. (Portugal), ALGAplus (Portugal)
COORDINATOR Susana Mendes – | MARE-IPLeiria, Portugal
FUNDING 20 000€ | QREN :: MaisCentro :: IAPMEI :: European Union // Duration 2014-2015