Artigos Científicos

2006 | (#6)

  1. Gil MM, Brandão TRS, Silva CLM (2006). A modified Gompertz Model to predict microbial inactivation under time-varying temperature conditions. Journal of Food Engineering 76(1):89-94
  2. Gil MM, Pereira PM, Brandão TRS, Silva CLM, Kondjoyan A, Van Impe JFM, James S (2006). Integrated approach on heat transfer and inactivation kinetics of microorganisms on the surface of foods during heat treatments – software development. Journal of Food Engineering 76(1):95-103
  3. Leandro SM, Queiroga H, Rodriguez L, Tiselius P (2006). Temperature dependent development and somatic growth in two allopatric populations of Acartia clausi (Copepoda: Calanoida). Marine Ecology Progress Series 322:189-197
  4. Leandro SM, Tiselius P, Queiroga H (2006). Growth and development of nauplii and copepodites of the estuarine copepod Acartia tonsa from southern Europe (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal) under saturating food conditions. Marine Biology 150:121-129
  5. Martins M, Santos B, Martins A, Viveiros M, Couto I, Cruz A, Pagès JM, Molnar J, Fanning S, Amaral L. (2006). An instrument-free method for precise demonstration of efflux pump activity of bacteria. In Vivo 20(5), 657-664.
  6. Neves C, Hand P, Amâncio S (2006). Patterns of B- type cyclin gene expression during adventitious rooting of micropropagated cork oak. Plant Cell Tiss. Organ Cult. 86:367-374