Artigos Científicos

2014 | (#21)

  1. Araújo S, Henriques IS, Leandro SM, Alves A, Pereira A, Correia A (2014). Gulls identified as major source of fecal pollution in coastal waters: a microbial source tracking study. Science of the Total Environmental 470-471:84-91
  2. Bessa F, Gonçalves SC, Franco JN, André JN, Cunha PP, Marques JC (2014). Temporal changes in macrofauna as response indicator to potential human pressures on sandy beaches. Ecological indicators 41:49-57 (doi: org/10.1016/j.ecolind.2014.01.023)
  3. Bispo P, Batista I, Bernardino RJ, Bandarra NM (2014). Preparation of Triacylglycerols Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Sardine Oil Using a Rhizomucor miehei Lipase:Focus in the EPA/DHA Ratio. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 172(4):1866-1881 (doi: 10.1007/s12010-013-0616-1) (Published online: 2013)
  4. Bordalo MD, Ferreira SM, Jensen KT, Pardal MA (2014). Impact of trematodes on the population structure and shell shape of the estuarine mud snail Hydrobia ulvae from a Southern European estuary. Marine Ecology 35(1):1-10 (doi: 10.1111/maec.12086)
  5. Campos D, Alves A, Lemos MFL, Correia A, Soares AMVM, Pestana JLT (2014). Effects of cadmium and resource quality on freshwater detritus processing chains: a microcosm approach with two insect species. Ecotoxicology 23(5):830-9 (doi: org/10.1007/s10646-014-1223-9)
  6. Campos MJ, Palomo G, Hormeño L, Herrera-León S, Domínguez L, Vadillo S, Píriz S, Quesada A (2014). Prevalence of quinolone resistance determinants in non-typhoidal Salmonella isolates from human origin in Extremadura, Spain. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. 79(1):64-9 (doi: 10.1016/j.diagmicrobio.2014.01.010)
  7. Cabral-Oliveira J, Mendes S, Maranhão P, Pardal MA (2014). Effects of sewage pollution on the structure of rocky shore macroinvertebrate assemblages. Hydrobiologia 726 (1):271-283 (doi 10.1007/s10750-013-1773-5) (Published online: 5 December 2013)
  8. Chambel J, Costa R, Gomes M, Mendes S, Baptista T, Pedrosa R (2014). Hydrogen peroxide, iodine solution and methylene solution highly enhance the hatching rate of freshwater ornamental fish species. Aquaculture International 22(6):1743–1751 (doi: 10.1007/s10499-014-9779-1)
  9. Crozet P, Margalha L, Confraria A, Rodrigues A, Martinho C, Adamo M, Elias CA, Baena-Gonzalez E (2014). Mechanisms of regulation of SNF1/AMPK/SnRK1protein kinases. Frontiers in Plant Science 5, 190.
  10. Gil MM, Miller F, Brandão TRS, Silva CLM (2014). Application of Optimal Experimental Design Concept to Improve the Estimation of Model Parameters in Microbial Thermal Inactivation Kinetics. Journal of Food Engineering 134:59-66 (doi: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2014.02.018)
  11. Gomes IDL, Lemos MFL, Soares AMVM, Barata C, Faria M (2014). The use of cholinesterase as potential biomarker: in vitro characterization in the polychaete Capitella teleta. Marine Pollution Bulletin 85(1):179-85 (
  12. Gomes IDL, Lemos MFL, Soares AMVM, Barata C, Faria M (2014). Effects of Barcelona Harbour Sediments in biological responses of the polychate Capitella teleta. Science of the Total Environment 485-486, 545-53 (
  13. Horta A*, Pinteus S*, Alves C, Fino N, Silva J, Fernandez S, Rodrigues A, Pedrosa R (2014). Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of the Bifurcaria bifurcata Epiphytic Bacteria. Marine Drugs 12, 1676-1689 (doi:10.3390/md12031676)
  14. Leandro SM, Tiselius P, Marques SC, Avelelas F, Correia C, Sa P, Queiroga H (2014). Copepod production estimated by combining in situ data and specific temperature-dependent somatic growth models. Hydrobiologia 741(1):139-152 (doi: 10.1007/s10750-014-1833-5)
  15. Marcos PM, Teixeira FA, Segurado MAP, Ascenso JR, Bernardino RJ, Michel S, Hubscher-Bruder V (2014). Bidentate urea derivatives of p-tert- Butyldihomooxacalix[4]arene: neural receptors for anion complexation. Journal of Organic Chemistry 79, 742-751 (doi: 10.1021/jo4026012)
  16. Marcos PM, Teixeira FA, Segurado MAP, Ascenso JR, Bernardino RJ, Brancatelli G, Geremia S (2014). Synthesis and anion binding properties of new dihomoocacalix[4] arene diurea and dithiourea receptors. Tetrahedron 70(37):6497-6505 (doi:10.1016/j.tet.2014.07.020)
  17. Novais SC, Gomes NC, Soares AMVM, Amorim MJB (2014). Antioxidant and neurotoxicity markers in the model organism Enchytraeus albidus (Oligochaeta): mechanisms of response to atrazine, dimethoate and carbendazim. Ecotoxicology 23:1220–1233 (
  18. Pestana JLT, Lemos MFL, Novais SC, Soares AMVM (2014). Cholinesterase activity in the caddisfly Sericostoma vittatum: biochemical enzyme characterization and in vitro effects of insecticides and psychiatric drugs. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 104:263-268 (
  19. Rodriguez L, Gonzalez-Guzman M, Diaz M, Rodrigues A, Izquierdo-Garcia AC, Peirats-Llobet M, Fernandez MA, Antoni R, Fernandez D, Marquez JA, Mulet JM, Albert A, Rodriguez PL (2014). C2-Domain Abscisic Acid-Related Proteins Mediate the Interaction of PYR/PYL/RCAR Abscisic Acid Receptors with the Plasma Membrane and Regulate Abscisic Acid Sensitivity in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell 26, 4802-4820
  20. Simões T, Valero F, Tecelão C, Ferreira-Dias S (2014). Production of Human Milk Fat Substitutes Catalyzed by a Heterologous Rhizopus oryzae Lipase and Commercial Lipases. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society 91:411-419 (doi:10.1007/s11746-013-2379-9)
  21. Utrera M, Morcuende D, Ganhão R, Estévez M (2014). Role of Phenolics Extracting from Rosa canina L. on Meat Protein Oxidation During Frozen Storage and Beef Patties Processing. Food Bioprocess Technol 8:1450 (doi: 10.1007/s11947-014-1450-3)

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