Living Oceans & Climate Change

Living Oceans & Climate Change | Advanced Course – CETEMARES | Politécnico de Leiria, Peniche (Portugal), 07-13, julho 2018

The oceans are extremely vulnerable to climate change and the impacts on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning are being highlighted during the last years. With this course, the participants will have the opportunity to increase its knowledge about climate change effects on marine ecosystems. It will address current challenges in marine biodiversity, as for example marine food webs and resources sustainability. As a general goal, this course intends to expose graduate students (master or PhD students) to recent developments and methodologies in marine ecology under changing environments. It will be based on a holistic approach where experiments, field observations and models (statistical and mechanistic) will be combined to solve current challenges in marine ecology. Practical labs will address several questions such as: Functional responses of copepods and jellyfish; Copepod egg production; Fatty acids as biomarkers; Zooplankton abundance and diversity estimated frommolecular tools. More information: