Marine Food Resources

Hub4Food – Atlantic Food Innovation Hub (Ongoing)

MEDACORNET – Rescuing acorns as a Mediterranean traditional superfood (Ongoing)

MoreMedDiet – More on the adoption of a healthy Mediterranean diet (Ongoing)

PARC – Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (Ongoing)

PMAR – Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring Programme (Ongoing)

PNAES OESTE – National Programme for a Balanced and Sustainable Diet – OESTE (Ongoing)

PPS1 – Food packaging made of recycled polyethylene from fossil and biological origin (Packaging of the future® agenda) (Ongoing)

PPS10 – New cardboard packages with unique properties for food contact and e-commerce (Ongoing)

ALGAVALOR – MicroAlgas: integrated production and valorization of biomass and its various applications (Concluded)

Antioxidant fishburguers produced from undervalue seafood (Concluded)

Development of a new food product – seafood burger (Concluded)

Development of a new product – Artisan ice-cream algae and kefir (Concluded)

Development of flavoured and additive olive oils with antioxidant compounds (Concluded)

Development of innovative Alcoholic beverages based on cherry (ginja) and cherry (ginja) liquor from the Óbidos region (Concluded)

Development of new animal feed supplemented with seaweed (of high antioxidant potential) for production of eggs with high natural antioxidant content (Concluded)

Development of new food products enriched with macroalgae (Concluded)

Development of new food products with cherry (ginja) and macroalgae enriched (Concluded)

Development of new pork-based food products with macroalgae (Concluded)

FishBioSensing – Portable electrochemical (bio)sensing devices for safety and quality assessment of fishery products (Concluded)

HP4A – Healthy pasta for all (Concluded)

INOVAÇÃO COM TRADIÇÃO for sustainable consumption (Concluded)

LAPA – Limpet for aquaculture and for pâté (Concluded)

MobFood – Mobilization of scientific and technological knowledge in response to the challenges of the agrifood market (Concluded)

Nautilus Gin (Concluded)

Ocean2Oils – Integrated approach for seaweeds application as sustainable source of functional compounds for edible oils stabilization and food processing (Concluded)

Optimization of storage conditions for frozen sardines and horse mackerel (Concluded)

Optimization of the process of obtaining honey powder (Concluded)

Pão do Mar (Concluded)

PAS – Stalked barnacle and blackberry pate (Concluded)

Peixe Seco – Conciliando a tradição com a inovação (Concluded)

Preservation of a fishham produced from undervalue seafood (Concluded)

Preservation of salted cod, and salted and dried cod using vacuum (Concluded)

ProValgas@Oeste – Promotion and valorization of algae for healthy eating (Concluded)

ProReMar: Marine Resources-based Food Products (Concluded)

REAS – Studies for brine water reuse (Concluded)

S4AGRO – Sustainable Solutions for the Agroindustrial Sector (Concluded)

SMART FISH –Sustainable Restaurant (Concluded)

Sardines frozen in seawater (Concluded)


VALOREJET – Use of discarded and low commercial value species: valuation of new products using innovative methodologies (Concluded)

VALORMAR – Integral Valuation of Marine Resources: potential, technological innovation and new applications (Concluded)