Marine Biology and Aquaculture

RAS for growing of Argyrosomus regius (Meagre)

Assessment of the effect of extracts on a nodovirus infection of sea bass

AQUIMAR – Marine Knowledge Supporting Aquaculture

Sarditemp – Impact of climate change on the ecology and dynamics of small pelagic fish

Anzol+: Innovation and knowledge transfer between scientists and hook and line fishermen (MAR2020)

GLOBAL INVADERS – Global Impacts and treNds for Valued aquatic species: competitive aDvantages across different latitudeS

MONIPOR-ACT2019 – Acquisition of services to improve and complement the classification criteria of transitional and coastal water bodies.

BISPECIAI – BIvalves under Polluted Environment and ClImate chAnge

MACAU – Macroalgalda Diversity Natural Reserve of Berlengas and Adjacent Coast, from Knowledge to Use

LIMO DO CAIS – Sustainable exploitation of the endogenous resources of S. Martinho do Porto

SEAWEEDFEEDS – Macroalgae and animal welfare, supplementation of marine fish feed

ALBUFEIRA – Program of joint evaluation of the water masses of the Spanish-Portuguese river basins

OURICEIRA AQUA – Aquaculture and finishing of sea urchin gonads

LIFE Berlengas – Conserving threatened habitats and species in Berlengas Special Protection Area through sustainable management

BIOMETORE – Biodiversity in seamounts: the MADEIRA-TORE and GREAT METEOR

CO-PESCA 2 – Implementation of a co-management committee for the harvesting activity of stalked barnacle in Berlengas Marine Protected Area

BiodivAMP – Development of tools for monitoring and protection of biodiversity in Marine Protected Areas along the Portuguese coast

Monitoring of artificial reefs – NAZARÉ REEF – Characterization of the state of colonization (macrofauna and ichthyofauna) and socioeconomic impact

MarinEye – A prototype for multitrophic oceanic monitoring

Study on the effects of FUM on growth performance and selected health indices of seabream (Sparus aurata)

Effect of Levabon® Aquagrow E on growth performance of European seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) under chronic stress challenge, with LPS challenge

JELLYFISHERIES – Towards an integrated approach to enhance predictive accuracy of jellyfish impact on coastal marine ecosystem

Aquatropolis – Intelligent Management System for Sustainable Aquaculture

StreAM cukes – Mechanisms of stress adaptation in sea cucumbers from different latitudes

Immunisation of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) with bacillus antigens

HomeGreens – Household Aquaponics: Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

FermAlg 1 E 2

Packaging of sea cucumber breeders. Evaluation of diets and zootechnic conditions for reprodutive sucess.

FishNoise – Impact of anthropogenic noise on fish fitness

Seaforest Portugal

Be4AQUAHEALTH – National survey of aquaculture fish diseases: a bet on prevention

BLUESHARKER – Blue sharks as biomonitors of Atlantic waters through an integrated biomarker assessment

MARINE INVADERS – The impact and mechanisms of success of invasive seaweed Asparagopsis armata on coastal environments

LIFE ADAPTA_BLUES – Adaptation to climate change through management and restoration of European estuarine ecosystems

Bubble-net –net of bubbles to catch fish

Sea Cucumbers: Added value of fisheries rejects

Bivalves from the West Region of Portugal: development of sustainable farming

Assessment of a shellfish depuration system


LIVE BAIT – Annelid polychaetes as live bait in Portugal: harvesting, import and rearing management

Berlenga Barnacles – contribution for sustainable management

Seasonal evaluation of the environmental quality of the Lagoa de Óbidos

Nereis diversicolor – reducing the environmental impact of their exploitation

Product sheets – Bivalves

Maternity project for oysters Crassostrea sp.

COMPARE – Impact of climatic variability on the structure and function of zooplankton communities in estuarine ecosystems

Impact of the pollution of the São Domingos river on the beach of the Molhe Leste

Ecosystem Services and Functions Assessment Plan (ESFA) of the Berlengas