Marine Biotechnology

BETAQUA – Evaluation of new biotechnological applications of Beta vulgaris produced in aquaponics (Ongoing)

NEURONS – Natural products as key drivers in the development of neuroprotective therapeutic agents (Ongoing)

NEURONS4 – New Edge in the therapeUtics of PaRkinsON´s diSeaSe from SeaweedS (Ongoing)

Sustainable StonebyPORTUGAL agenda (Ongoing)

ORCHESTRA – add-value to ORCHards through thE full valoriSaTion of macRoalgAe (Concluded)

Algaecoat – Industrial validation and optimization of macroalgae extracts based edible coatings application to fresh and minimally processed horticultural products (Concluded)

Algavalue – Adding value to by-products obtained during the biotechnological production of squalene and DHA by the microalgae Aurantiochytrium sp. (Concluded)

Algelo – ice supplemented with seaweeds (Concluded)

AMALIA – Algae-to-MArket Lab IdeAs – Adding value to invasive seaweeds of the Iberian northwest (Concluded)

BAMMBO (Concluded)

Charcas do Alentejo with added value: analysis of the viability of Arthospira and Ulva cultivation (Concluded)

CROSS-ATLANTIC – CReating Opportunities from Seaweed Sulfated polysaccharides for Application in Therapeutics (Concluded)

COSMOS – Biotechnological valorization of the invasive seaweed Asparagopsis armata off the coast of Peniche (Concluded)

Development of edible biofilms with marine organism extracts for food application (Concluded)

e-Fishing – New molecular tools to support fisheries management (Concluded)

EnvironOme (Concluded)

100% Figo – biofunctional product with high circularity efficiency in the transformation and conservation by advanced technologies for the extraction and incorporation of bioactive compounds (Concluded).

i.FILM – Multifunctional Films for Intelligent and Active Applications (Concluded)

INOVMINERAL 4.0 – Advanced Technologies and Software for Mineral Resources (Concluded)

Invasive seaweeds as a source of natural compounds to fight orchards phytopathogens (Concluded)

INTSIN – Integration of carbon and hormone signaling in plants (Concluded)

MarTics – Marine bioactive compounds for neurological disorders therapeutics (Concluded)

New sources of phycocolloids from the Peniche Coast macro-algae invaders (Concluded)

Pilado Add Value (Concluded)

POINT4PAC – Precision Oncology by Innovative Therapies and Technologies (Concluded)

ProTEoME – PROteomic Tools to assess Endocrine disruptiOn MEchanisms (Concluded)

Red2Discovery – Sphaerococcus coronopifolius and Asparagopsis armata macroalgae as targets for marine drug discovery (Concluded)

SeaFilm: Development of edible film for sustainable fish freezing (Concluded)

Seaweed soaps, flavoured with plants form the Nazaré coast: production of prototypes (Concluded)

Seaweed Toilet Soap: Product development and knowledge transfer (Concluded)

SmartBioR – Smart Valorization of Endogenous Marine Biological Resources Under a Changing Climate (Concluded)

SnRK1 regulation and cross-talk with the ABA pathway (Concluded)

Spirulina growth potential assessment (Concluded)