Sea Cucumbers: Added value of fisheries rejects

The holothurians or sea cucumbers are considered a delicacy in many Asian countries. The aquaculture of this species is not developed in Europe, while in Australia and Asian countries the aquaculture of some similar species is already well developed. Exports depend only on catch and occur mainly in Turkey. During the last years there is also a growing interest in their medical and nutritional value since it is described that they possess anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds. This project has as main aims: a) to evaluate the rejections of sea cucumbers in the west coast, throughout the year; b) to analyze the interest compounds that these species have for the pharmaceutical industry and c) to develop the technology required to produce sea cucumbers, taking the rejections for a broodstock collection. We intend that local communities can use and appreciate these rejections, either for human consumption, export or to the pharmaceutical industry.

Aquaculture, Sea cucumbers, Holothurians, Rejects

Ana Pombo – | MARE-IPLeiria, Portugal

40 432€ | European Fisheries Fund :: PROMAR – GACOeste // Duration 2013-2015