Algaecoat – Industrial validation and optimization of macroalgae extracts based edible coatings application to fresh and minimally processed horticultural products

From the investigation of the potential of using different extracts of marine macroalgae as active ingredients in the formulation of edible coatings for IV range products resulted in a new edible coating, already patented, from Codium tomentosum extract. The AlgaeCoat project aims at demonstrating at the pilot scale the conditions for its commercial profitability, with application in apple, pear, uncontrolled atmospheres and the long conservation of whole fruit. This additive will represent a sustainable option of natural origin, which will contribute to the added value of IV range products, also increasing its internationalization potential, and reducing food waste and costs across the industry.

Algae; Apple; Pear


Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Susana Silva –

151.167,62 € (MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria) | ANI – Agência Nacional de Inovação; POCI – Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização // Duration 2016-2017

Algaecoat Project Card