BETAQUA – Evaluation of new biotechnological applications of Beta vulgaris produced in aquaponics

The aim of this study is to value the chard in an integral way, stems, leaves and roots, with the objective of zero waste, in a context of circular economy, evaluating the bioactive, mineral and UV-Vis radiation absorption potential with a view to its application in two different aspects:

1. Application in active food packaging, with incorporation of extracts 

2. Application in cosmetic products with anti-aging effect.

Beta vulgaris; Zero Waste; Active Food Packaging; Cosmetic

LCM-LSRE (Coord.)

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Raul Bernardino –

1145,00 € (MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria) | LSRE-LCM // Duration 2023-2024