Within “EnvironOme – Integrating Omics in ecotoxicology: tools for environmental risk assessment”, efforts will be made to improve the knowledge on the link between individual and molecular responses to environmental stressors. At the end of this project it is expected to have a better understanding of toxicants pathways of toxicity and to have developed and validated a set of effective molecular tools (proteomics and transcriptomics) to assess the effects of contaminants in invertebrates, and transpose them to field exposure bioassay scenarios, contributing to a more effective Environmental Risk Assessment.

Transcriptomics; Proteomics; Ecotoxicology; Environomental Risk Assessment; IntegrOmics

University of Coimbra (Portugal), University of Aveiro (Portugal), University of Gent (Belgium), Vrije Universiteit (Netherlands), ECT Oekotoxikologie GmbH (Germany)

MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria: Marco Lemos – marco.lemos@ipleiria.pt

180.108,00€ | FCT :: QREN // Duration 2013-2015