New sources of phycocolloids from the Peniche Coast macro-algae invaders

The main objective of this project consisted in the extraction of phycocolloids from an invasive alga, Asparagopsis armata, present in large scale along the Portuguese coast. At the end of this project, optimized method of extracting these phycocolloids was established, which being economical and environmentally friendly allows the production and commercial use of such products by the national industry. The biopolymers were characterized by spectroscopy and rheological properties to assess their capacity as thickeners and film-forming agents, comparing them with properties exhibited by similar commercially available products.

Phycocolloids; Invasive Algae; Asparagopsis armata; Agar; Carrageenan

Ignition Grant | INOV.C

MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria: Paulo Nunes –

10 000€ | QREN :: MaisCentro :: European Union // Duration 12 months