Pilado Add Value

Pilado Add Value

In the west region of Portugal, the swimming crab is frequently captured as bycatch in fish purse seine vessels, being subsequently rejected given its extremely low economic value. To increase its economic value, this project aims to evaluate the commercial exploitation viability of this resource for marine biopolymer production. For that, its exoskeleton biochemical composition was determined and the yield (extraction/production) of structural biopolymers (chitin/chitosan) was evaluated. Also the definition of optimal methodological procedures was addressed. The transfer of knowledge and technology for biotechnology-based SMES will be a contribution for the sustainable development of fisheries communities.

Pilado crab; chitin/chitosan; adding value; biotechnology

University of Aveiro, CERAMED-ALTAKITIN

MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria: Sérgio Leandro – sleandro@ipleiria.pt

26,842.00€ | PROMAR – GAC Oeste // Duration 2011-2013