SmartBioR – Smart Valorization of Endogenous Marine Biological Resources Under a Changing Climate

SmartBioR focuses on promoting and adding value to endogenous resources, a strategic priority for the Central Region of Portugal. It aims to strengthen scientific research, technological development and innovation of the region by recruiting highly qualified human resources to reinforce existing skills.

Leaning on the Ria de Aveiro and the Berlengas Natural Reserve, the project will promote the sustainable use of endogenous marine biological resources, their integrated monitoring and the development of different products, processes and adjusted services, in line with the Strategy of Intelligent Specialization defined for the Portuguese Economy of the Sea.

Natural Endogenous Resources; Blue Revolution; Marine aquaculture

University of Aveiro (Coord.)

MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria: Marco Lemos –

850.293,69 € (Polytechnic of Leiria)| Centro 2020 – Programa Operacional Centro // Duration 2017-2020

SmartBioR Project Card