ALGAVALOR – MicroALGAs: integrated production and valorization of biomass and its various applications


The ALGAVALOR project has as its general objective the integrated production of microalgae and the valorisation of their biomass and extracts in different applications, with the development and launch of new products in the human food, animal nutrition, cosmetics and biofertiliser markets. To this end, new production processes are proposed, with increased sustainability. This general objective can be broken down into a set of specific objectives, to be achieved through different sub-projects (SP):

  • Valorization of microalgae for human food (SP 1);
  • Valorization of microalgae for animal feed (SP 2);
  • Valorization of microalgae for natural cosmetics (SP 3);
  • Development of new processes, including “new generation” open reactors and optimization of existing processes, with a view to obtaining gains in scale and efficiency (SP 4);
  • Development of agricultural biofertilizers from microalgae and use of agro industrial residues as inputs for the production of “biological microalgae” in a circular economy logic (SP 5);
  • Project management, dissemination and valorization of results (SP 6).

Microalgae; Agrofood; Cosmetics; Animal production; Waste

CMQ – Cimentos Maceira e Pataias, S.A. (Coord.); NECTON; VALORGADO; CASTELBEL; Ernesto Morgado; Empresa Figueirense de pesca; Allmicroalgae; VAISA; Narciso Dias; LIPOR; CIIMAR; INIAV; LNEG; ISA,; UPORTO; UCP; UMINHO; UAVEIRO; UALGARVE

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Maria Manuel Gil – and Maria Jorge Campos –

209.783,00 € (MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria) | ANI; POCI // Duration 2018-2021

Ficha de Projeto ALGAVALOR