Development of a new product – Artisan ice-cream algae and kefir

Development of a new product – Artisan ice-cream algae and kefir

The main goal of the project artisan ice algae and Kefir was to develop a new ice cream with unique nutritional features in this product range. The use of fermented milk by kefir grains presents various health benefits, in particular low lactose content, presence of probiotics and greater digestibility. With regard to the use of Spirulin microalgae, it is considered a super food with a high protein concentration, containing all the essential amino acids, rich in vitamin A and iron allowing the improvement of the nutritional quality of the final product. This research allowed achieve the suggested assumptions, including: (1) Optimization of cow’s milk fermentation in kefir grains; (2) Physico-chemical characterization of the fermented milk; (3)Development of a New Product – artisan ice-cream and kefir algae and respective physical- chemical and microbiological characterization of the product; (4) Sensory evaluation of artisana ice- cream algae and kefir.

kefir; probiotics; fermentation; lactose; spirulin

Emanha Geladarias (Portugal)

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Susana Bernardino –

33 250€ | QREN :: European Union // Duration 2012-2013