Development of new food products enriched with macroalgae

Development of new food products enriched with macroalgae

The use of macroalgae as food ingredient in Eastern countries such as China , Japan, Korea, among others, is fairly frequent since the beginning of last century , however, and by tradition, in European countries the consumption of algae is still very low . In recent years the industry of aquaculture production of macroalgae, especially in Spain, France and Portugal, improved the use of algae in the European diet as a functional and nutritionally complete ingredient. Having regard to the nutritional and functional characteristics of macroalgae , the main objective of the project “DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FOOD PRODUCTS ENRICHED WITH MACROALGAE” was to develop a “ready meal” based on typical codfish recipes in which algae contribute to an increase in the nutritional features of the final products developed , namely an increase in iodine content, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Macroalgae; Ready meal; Codfish

ALGAplus (Portugal)

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Susana Bernardino –

20 000€ | QREN :: European Union // Duration May 2014-December 2014