HP4A: Healthy pasta for all

The HP4A – Healthy Pasta 4 All project is led by Iberopasta,Lda. (SME manufacturer of dry pasta) in co-promotion with the Polytechnic of Leiria. This aims to investigate and develop, during 36 months, an innovative range of dry pasta, with the incorporation of marine resources in its formulation, in order to encourage an adequate food consumption and consequent improvement of the nutritional status of the citizens, with direct impact on the prevention of chronic pathologies and the improvement of the consumer’s well-being.

Dry pasta; Nutrition; Marine Resources; Macroalgae; Microalgae; Health; Mussels; Healthy food

LIBEROPASTA, Lda. (Coord.)

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Maria Manuel Gil – maria.m.gil@ipleiria.pt

122.292,15€ (Polytechnic of Leiria)| Programa Operacional Regional do Centro – FEDER // Duration 2020-20231