MEDACORNET – Rescuing acorns as a Mediterranean traditional superfood


The limitation of natural resources, together with the current consumer trends and needs, implementation of sustainable food systems able to produce healthier products is urgently needed. The aim of the proposed project “MEDACORNET” is to enhance the adherence to the Mediterranean diet, through the development of new products based on acorn, as a Mediterranean traditional superfood, as well as to promote the actors involved in its production and transformation. The generated data will be used towards the definition of dietary guidelines/recommendations and promotion strategies for the adoption of acorn as an ingredient for Mediterranean healthy and sustainable diets. In sum, the MEDACORNET aims at unlocking acorns’ value chain, an ancient traditional ingredient of Mediterranean cuisine produced by the diversity of oak species, currently wasted. Based on the established Mediterranean-wide consortium, the project will produce outcomes in complementary but diversified fields of action, aiming the valorization of acorns from our native forests.

Mediterranean diet; Acorn; Acorns’ value chain

LANDRATECH (Coord.); Mountain Research Center CIMO, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança; Collaborative Laboratory Mountains of Research (MORE); Dipartimento di Scienze del Suolo, della Pianta e degli Alimenti (Di.S.S.P.A.), Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro; Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Food Technology Osijek; Beykent University Business Administration Department; Abdelmalek ESSAADI University, Polydisciplinary Faculty of Larache; University Tunis El Manar; Mechanics Laboratory Computational-University of Tlemcen; GEOAI ANALYTICS, S.L.

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Raul Bernardino –

75.000,00 € (Polytechnic of Leiria) | PRIMA – FCT // Duration 2023 – 2026