Ocean2Oils – Integrated approach for seaweeds application as sustainable source of functional compounds for edible oils stabilization and food processing

The Ocean2Oils project intends to “join” the potentialities that the “Ocean” can offer to overcome some constraints on thermal processing with edible “Oils”. Following the concept of biorefinary, this project aims to implement a sustainable and integrated process for exploring edible seaweeds as source of (i) natural antioxidants for supplementation of edible oils, increasing its quality/stability and consequently reducing the environmental impact of waste edible oils; (2) polysaccharides, useful as building molecules of edible coatings to be applied at food surface prior to frying, in order to minimize the water loss and oil uptake of fried products (iii) other components with nutritional value, still present in residual seaweed biomass, that may be applied as ingredient in aquaculture feed formulations.

Biomass; Edible seaweeds; Feed; Sustainable Process

Instituto Superior de Agronomia – Universidade de Lisboa, Sovena Portugal – Consumer Goods S.A., Francisco Baratizo Lda

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Carla Tecelão – carla.tecelao@ipleiria.pt

199.669,39 € (MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria)| Fundo Azul – Direção Geral de Política do Mar // Duration 2019-2023

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