Atlas of Marine Fish

Atlas of Marine Fish

The “Marine Fishes of Portugal” book’s main goal is to present the most common fish species of the Portuguese coast. It is a bilingual edition (Portuguese and English) where more than 200 species are presented through photos, most of them never published before, and taken in the natural habitat. Information on common and scientific name, maximum size, depths range and geographic distribution is also presented. This will be the first book dedicated to the marine fishes of Portugal.

Marine fish; Diversity; Identification; Photography

Flying Sharks (Portugal), Mar de Neptuno-Actividades de Turismo e Lazer, Lda. (Portugal), EMEPC (Portugal)

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Paulo Maranhão –

22 140€ | QREN :: INALENTEJO :: European Union // Duration 2013-2014