Making of a scientific divulgation documentary of the different life forms that occur in coastal ecosystems, in plain language for all. To this end, the aquatic bottoms in the Portuguese West Coast will be filmed, particularly in the Berlenga Nature Reserve, classified as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The images and sounds of marine life will make known the different types of organisms found in the Portuguese coast. It is intended to: demonstrate how marine organisms live, feed and reproduce; point out which major threats and issues affect them; identify the goods and services they provide for local communities; show potential benefits of which one can enjoy and the traditional uses rooted in the local culture. The information disclosed to the public will allow people to become aware of their natural and cultural heritage, so they can appreciate it and protect it better.

Documentary, Biodiversity, Natural Heritage, Cultural Values, Regional Development, Environmental Education

Coordinator MARE-Polytechnic of Leiria
Susana Ferreira –

50 699€ | QREN, eixo 4 :: PROMAR-GAC Oeste // Duration 2014-2015